Since its formation in 1993, Stockall Electronics Ltd has been successfully supporting the can manufacturing industry through high quality product support, design and manufacture, training, and site visit services.

Product Support

Total weld monitor product support is offered via five key services:

Spare and Replacement Parts – Customers are offered spare and replacement parts covering a wide range of weld monitor equipment, most probably supplied by what was formally CMB-Automation, then Carnaudmetalbox.  Customers are also offered parts covering a wide variety of automation, process control and quality control equipment, supplied by other manufacturer’s to the can manufacturing industry.  Parts include PCB’s, control boards, cabinets, enclosures, housings, cases, cables, metalwork and mountings.  All parts are supplied with a full warranty and are manufactured to the highest standards using high quality materials, components and professional workmanship.  With many parts held in stock, a quick turnaround and short lead times are often available eliminating the need for customers to hold large stocks to maintain smooth production.  Through direct observation and customer feedback we believe this service has greatly contributed in enabling customers to keep their equipment on high performance and continuous production, significantly reducing down times.  Please call our sales office to see if your product or products are supported.

Fault Diagnosis & Repair – Often a cost effective alternative to purchasing spare or replacement parts, our fault diagnosis and repair service offers customers the option of having damaged and non-working equipment fault diagnosed and, dependent upon the results, repaired.  This service covers all of those products supported by our spare and replacement parts service, however, the majority of repair work undertaken is carried out on PCB control boards.  This service can prove extremely cost effective and beneficial, enabling customers to get the expected ‘working life’ out of equipment, which would otherwise be disregarded or replaced.

Re-Testing and Servicing – With reliability and continuous production being paramount within the can manufacturing industry, our re-testing and servicing enables customers to have equipment that may be showing unusual or intermittent behavior, fully re-tested and certified.  Equipment that has either been in storage or lay idle can also benefit from this service prior to being installed onto a machine and put into production. This service offers peace of mind and can safeguard your production targets.

Conversions & Upgrades – As technologies continue to change and develop, many products already in existence require converting and upgrading to allow compatibility with the newer technologies entering the industry.  Covering both software and hardware this service can overcome problems with incompatibility and increase the lifespan of equipment which would otherwise become obsolete.

Design & Manufacture

We offer custom design and engineering capabilities that allow us to manufacture products to precise customer specifications.  Coupled with our electronic design house experience this service offers customers a cost effective method of having both existing and new weld monitor equipment manufactured in quantities from one-off to volume production.


Off-site training is available at our registered offices and where required on-site training is also available.  All training courses are tailored specifically to customers' needs so that companies and delegates achieve the best results and value from any training undertaken.  Courses are offered covering all weld monitor issues including weld monitor set-up, weld monitor operation and weld monitor trouble-shooting.  Sound training of your staff is the key to successful production, high efficiency and trouble-free performance. Please call our sales office to discuss your training needs and for full course details and availability.

Site Visits

Site visits can be arranged upon request to carry out preventative or responsive maintenance of your equipment.  

During a visit we will:

We look forward to working with you and trust we can support you, your company and its weld monitor needs.


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