Effectively and efficiently turning customers' electronic ideas into reality has been a hallmark of Stockall Electronics Ltd since its inception.  From consultation to design to prototype to product. Whether it is a problem or process requiring an electronic solution, a concept or idea needing to be turned into a working prototype, or taking a prototype through to product, our electronic design and manufacturing excellence and commitment to your success will help you meet the demands of tomorrow's needs.

Primarily specialising in the design and manufacture of electronic automation, control and monitoring, our design and manufacturing expertise and experience extends to all fields of electronics.

With electronic automation, control and monitoring continuing to increase in capability and reduce in cost, the number of potential applications is almost endless. Benefits for investing in electronics include improved quality assurance, a wider range of features and control, reduction in size, increased flexibility and the potential to reduce costs.

However, at Stockall Electronics we appreciate that electronic development is a specialist activity which can be high risk. This risk being greatest for companies with limited or no electronic capability in house, which can often preclude the development of electronic products where investment in an internal electronic development department cannot be justified.  Large companies are also at risk where in house electronic department resources and capabilities are stretched.

We provide a "turnkey" electronic development service which can remove much of the risk associated with developing electronic products by taking responsibility for all stages of the development programme from initial concept through to volume production.  We employ a policy of developing close relationships with our customers and therefore welcome the opportunity for involvement in the early stages of a project to help ensure that the best solution is ultimately achieved.

If you have a product or production process requiring the design of an electronic control and monitoring solution or an electronic idea requiring development, and would like to either utilise our design and manufacturing capabilities or would like us to act as an extension to your electronic design and manufacturing facilities, please call our sales office.


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